Clements Exotics & Chihuahuas

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Sinfully Chocolate was born here

Sonica was born here and named by my little cousin Aiden. 

Chestire is from Whippoorwill Creek Farms

Razor was born here and has 1 ear. 

Captain Marvel is from Whippoorwill Creek Farms

Joy is from Whippoorwill Creek Farms

Dazzler was born here

Cova was born here

Sheila was born here and named by my little cousin Maddie. 

Misty Knight was born here 

Black Rose is from Whippoorwill Creek Farms

Chicka-Chicka born here

Nemo is from Paws n Claws

Shazam is from Northern Indiana Hedgehogs

Cadbury is from Whippoorwill Creek Farm

Deadpool is a nice dark male from Feather & Spikes

Mowgli, from Renn's Hedgehog Heaven

Hades is a gorgeous dark badger male from Zootown Hedgehogs

Aqua Man is all the way from Zootown Hedgehogs and makes a great addition

Retired -- Elektra from Pokey Mom Hedgehogs

Venus is from Whippoorwill Creek Farms (retired)

Retired -- Mystique was born here

Retired - Jana the Jungle was born here from Elektra x Zan

Hope is an almost full mask female from Whippoorwheel Creek Farms (Retired)

Ram, is a nice addition to my herd from Huber Hogs, OH.