Clements Exotics & Chihuahuas

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Health Guarantee

All Clements Exotics Hedgehogs have a lifetime health guarantee from WHS, If a necrospsy was preformed by a vet.
The guarantee is not covered if the hedgehog was mistreated or neglected in any way. I will not pay any vet bills that occur after the hedgehog has left my house or place of pickup.


Deposits are $50.00 and are non-refundable. I accept paypal or check/money orders for deposits only. Cash at pickup, which is at my house. I will not meet anyone for pickups.

C&C cages, pics below
Sterilte tubs 105 Qt or bigger
Please be careful with wire cages b/c they can climb
       and will fall and hurt themselves.

Heat source should be provided if you cannot put in a               heat controlled room. CHE (Ceramic Heating                        Element) lights work great. I recommend trying to                 keep  them in 75-85 degrees to prevent hibernation             which can kill a hog.

High quality cat food is the preferred food for hedgehogs. Please DO NOT feed hedgehog food.

They can eat small mealworms and crickets but not all of them like them and I suggest to feed after 6 months.


Finely Shaved Pine, Fleece, Kaytee carefresh. Please be aware that hedgehogs can have allergies to certain bedding.